Material Science



The course gives knowledge about different types of materials, their properties and behaviour that are utilized in various kinds of products that we use in daily life or in construction. It also gives an overview of the current development in material science and smart materialsCourse Credit: 3


Module 1:Mechanical properties and their determination (4 weeks),
Module 2: Alloys (Ferrous and Non- Ferrous) (4 weeks),
Module 3: Ceramics, Refractory and Abrasive Materials (2 weeks),
Module 4: Smart Materials (2 weeks),
Module 5: Plastics, reinforced plastics and adhesives (3 weeks),
Module 6: Different criteria for design with fracture mechanics (3 weeks), Module 7: Tribology, Surface treatment and coatings (2 weeks)

Taught by Dr. Shashank Srivastava

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 16 weeks long

 30th Jul,2023