Showing Around London to a Foreign Student

Kareem: Welcome to London! I'll be your guide for the day. How was your flight? Was it comfortable?

Samira: Thank you so much for picking me up from the airport. Yes, the flight was long, but it was relatively comfortable, and I managed to get some rest.

Kareem: That's great to hear. Now, let's begin our tour. Our first stop is the iconic Big Ben, which is just a short walk from here. It's one of London's most renowned landmarks, known for its exquisite architecture and rich history.

Samira: Sounds like a fantastic plan! I'm eager to explore and learn more about this city. It's my first time in London, and I've heard so much about its cultural heritage.


Comfortable (adjective): Providing physical ease and relaxation.

Example: The new sofa is so comfortable that I could sit on it all day.

Renowned (adjective): Famous and well-known for something.

Example: The renowned artist's paintings are exhibited in galleries around the world.

Heritage (noun): The cultural, historical, and traditional aspects that are passed down through generations.

Example: Preserving our cultural heritage is important for future generations to understand our history.

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