Going to the Movies

Rick and Jimmy want to catch a movie downtown 

Learn English

Lisa and Sarah talking about learning English 

Throwing a Surprise Party

Samantha and Maria wants to Throwing a Surprise party for their friend Sarah

Attending a Special Concert 

Seri and Monika want to attending a special concert

Showing Around London to a Foreign Student

Kareem want to take Samira in a wonderful tour around London.

Success in a Hard Exam

Sandra and Mona talking about passing a hard exam.

Planning a Weekend Getaway 

Sami and Mohammad talking about the next weekend

Discussing Environmental Conservation

Michel and Sofia discussing an environmental issue

Planning a Business Meeting

Ahmed and Natalia planning a Business meeting

Planning a Cultural Event

Sarah and Summer planning about cultural event.

Discussing Technological Advancements

Mulham and Sandra discussing technological advancements

Discussing Career Goals

Sukrat and John discussing career goals