Succeeding in a Hard Exam

Sandra: How did you fare on the challenging math exam that we had last week? I heard it was quite tough.

Mona: I was a bit nervous going in, but I managed to score an A! I'm really pleased with the result.

Sandra: That's absolutely outstanding! Achieving such a high grade on a challenging exam is a testament to your dedication and hard work. Can you share some of your study strategies with me?

Mona: Certainly! I studied diligently every day, practiced solving problems from the textbook, and sought help from my teacher when I had questions.


Testament (noun): Evidence or proof of something.

Example: Her success in the competition was a testament to her talent and determination.

Dedication (noun): The quality of being committed to a task or purpose.

Example: His dedication to his job was evident in the long hours he spent working to meet deadlines.

Diligently (adverb): With persistent and careful effort.

Example: She diligently practiced playing the piano for hours every day to improve her skills.

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